Eleven years ago, my co-founder and I were both aspiring entrepreneurs living together in a small apartment. It was stressful, but we were living the startup dream: 16-hour workdays, junk food, and enough coffee to caffeinate a small country.
Eventually, that lifestyle caught up to us. We felt sluggish, unfocused, and, for lack of a better word — crappy.

Not only did our productivity start to suffer, but our social and personal lives did too. So we decided to make a change.
We started eating healthier, exercising, and spending less time doomscrolling on social media. We also started investing in supplements like nootropics, probiotics, and anything else that promised to optimize our mental and physical well-being. 

We did our best to research and thoughtfully purchase various supplements and products. But none of them seemed to deliver the results they promised.
We realized many of the supplements we kept buying claimed to contain clinically studied ingredients and doses. But when we began digging into the actual studies, we were shocked that the products didn't include the clinically studied dosage shown to be effective. They weren't even close. 

This discrepancy was widespread, spanning from well-known brands to small internet companies. How could they so easily take advantage of all of us?
So we decided to take action and spent the last ten years growing five award-winning beauty and wellness brands with over 100 products that met the quality and efficacy standards we wanted for ourselves — and consumers.
Unfortunately, the wellness landscape is still muddled with misinformation, exaggerated claims, and low-quality products. Knowing how to get started, what to choose, and who to trust is increasingly difficult.

We want to change that.
Enter Brilliant Wellness, where expert knowledge, innovation, and thoughtfully curated product recommendations converge to empower you on your journey to a healthier, more brilliant life.


At Brilliant, making informed decisions about your health doesn't always have to be hard. Unfortunately, online wellness searches overwhelm us with conflicting information, and every day it feels like a new wellness "influencer" is trying to pitch us a new product or lifehack that will finally help us achieve ideal health. 

But the truth is, the road to well-being is full of twists and turns, and everyone follows a unique path. While we can't give you exact coordinates, we can provide a trusted roadmap of expert guidance, educational content, and a thoughtfully curated selection of high-quality solutions to help you reach your ideal wellness destination.