10 Holistic Ingredients to Support Prostate Health

Written by: Brilliant Staff

Fact checked by: SaVanna Shoemaker, MS, RDN, LD


Prostate health is a significant concern in men's wellness, particularly as men age. For years, research has been conducted into how supplements can support this essential organ. Several promising ingredients may contribute positively to maintaining prostate health. 

Keep in mind that prostate health supplements are not a cure for prostate issues. When taken as part of a balanced lifestyle, they can help manage symptoms and support overall prostate health. 

Before we dive into the specific ingredients, remember that supplements should be taken alongside a balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and consistent check-ups with your healthcare provider. They're intended to complement a healthy lifestyle, not to replace any part of it.

The Key Ingredients

Most prostate health supplements consist of several common ingredients, the majority of which are derived from plants and essential nutrients. These include the following:

  1. Saw Palmetto: Native to North America, saw palmetto extract has been studied for its potential role in managing common urinary symptoms.  
  2. Lycopene: Found primarily in tomatoes and other red fruits, lycopene has been found to have beneficial antioxidant effects.
  3. Zinc: This vital mineral contributes significantly to prostate cell activity, and maintaining optimal zinc levels may support overall prostate health.
  4. Selenium: Research suggests a correlation between selenium supplementation and lower risk of common prostate problems.
  5. Beta-Sitosterol: This plant compound has shown promise in managing symptoms by promoting urinary flow and strength.
  6. Stinging Nettle: Often used in historical anecdotes to relieve discomfort and urinary issues, early studies suggest stinging nettle might reduce these symptoms.
  7. Green Tea: Known for its antioxidant properties, green tea contains polyphenols that exhibit beneficial effects.
  8. Boron: An essential mineral, boron is speculated to have a promising role in prostate health.
  9. Pumpkin Seed Oil Extract: Rich in antioxidants and a unique form of vitamin E, pumpkin seed oil extract is commonly used in supplements for its potential to ease urinary discomfort.

Final Thoughts

Supplements can be a valuable part of your strategy for maintaining prostate health. However, it's essential to remember that these supplements are not replacements for FDA-approved treatments for any health issues. Always consult with your healthcare provider before incorporating any new supplement into your regimen, particularly if you have other health conditions.

Continuing a balanced diet, sustaining an active lifestyle, going for routine health checks, and keeping an eye on your prostate health should remain fundamental components of your health strategy. After all, being the best version of oneself hinges on a balanced approach to health and wellness.


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